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Here's what you might be leaving on the table.

The average return on investment (ROI) for a CRM program is more than 8.7x for every dollar spent towards CRM implementation and enhancements.

Your business also stands to realize the following organizational benefits:

More than 8.7X
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Overcome those internal obstacles with customized guidance and support for your business.

Realizing these numbers is challenging. We help you overcome this by collaborating with you to reduce the risk of falling into one of two categories:
Lack of User Adoption
Less than 40%
Companies that reach a state of full CRM user adoption within their workforce.
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Failed Implementation
More than 49%
Implementations programs fail to meet their intended value realization objectives.
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Leveraging fractional services gives you structure, expertise, and flexibility in unprecedented ways.

Whether you are looking to implement or already using Dynamics 365, our service is meant for SMB’s looking to realize the value of a well ran and properly managed CRM solution.

 We look to become part of your team, where we can understand your business and proactively grow your CRM solution so it is tailored to your specific business. This service is based on a flat fee so we can stay within budget and be fully aligned with our clients.

Areas we specialize in:

Trustworth Data
Sales Enablement
Dashboard & Reporting
Workflow Automation
Account Management
Document Generation
Predictive Insights
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